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I'm like totaly stoned and this is like totaly awesome.
I put you a ten...

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It was pretty average from the beggining, But that fight was epic! near perfect animation!

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I digg it why wont you?

yeah i actually liked it the first time, concentrating more on the complete randomness then the multiple problems of this animation. There isn't much plot to it... what ever plot there was is destroyed by the missing reel so... yeah.

The music fit the mood and is typical of the late 40's wich is exactly what it is suppose to represent. but for the most part, the problem lies in the animation: First of all, there is way too much effort put into the flower in the first scene and not enough effort put into the reste. especialy when the guys walking with the bombs. i mean seriously xP. First of all, The guy has freakin NO TORSO! you can see right through him. and when the guys closing the bag, NO GLOVE! when hes carrying it GLOVES!!! yeah but they didn;t know that, i just know where to look. There are alo plenty of other probleme's that no one will ever realise or care about. except when hes walking.

overall, its kinda funny. i enjoyed it.

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lol what a sweet newgrounds Christmas carol! Love the mix of dubstep drums, epic guitar riffs, Hania's awesome vocals as always! I'm sure this would really get stuck in my head after a few more listens lol. You got quite some composition skills Bafana! I'll be sure to stay tuned

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siiick groove! Love the melodies in this! would love if you spent more time trying to master your transitions and adding some automations on cutoff for example. keep it up mang!

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Sweet track for a first try! I actually really enjoy your melodic work! although i think this may be more break beat then DnB. you got some really nice lead work in this for sure!
Keep it up mate! can't wait to hear some more of your stuff.

egaSyeliR responds:

thanks! :3

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Lovely simplicity! Great drawing. Didn't think something so simple could look so good.

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