Entry #17

Back From the Dead

2015-07-08 13:15:32 by aliaspharow

new song out>


Look who's back in action! I'm back and FINALY with technology allowing me to create full, deep and uplifting music! No more are the days where i post only unfinished tracks once a month. I mean for christ sake i only finished 2 songs between 2012 and 2013, and here I am with 2 finished tracks in a week and half :) You wont hear one of them untill my Full album is released tho. Hopefully I'll be singed by then. Any stay tuned! It's about to get awesome.

Currently looking for Artists wanting to collaborate on a Progressive House or Trance song


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2015-07-08 14:33:43

Hello! *waves*


2015-07-08 16:36:59

Well I'm no Prog or Trance artist, but I'd definitely take a shot at the very least adding a horn line to something. Could turn out to be really cool.

Welcome back! I've heard so much of your music and I completely didn't even have you under my follow list. that was fixed though :) Hope things go well with getting signed!

aliaspharow responds:

You might want to check out my new track then! :D


2015-07-09 14:18:22

Nice to have you back :)


2015-09-15 21:09:29

Do you use FL Studio 12? If that's the case, wanna collab?