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aliaspharow's News

Posted by aliaspharow - July 8th, 2015

new song out>


Look who's back in action! I'm back and FINALY with technology allowing me to create full, deep and uplifting music! No more are the days where i post only unfinished tracks once a month. I mean for christ sake i only finished 2 songs between 2012 and 2013, and here I am with 2 finished tracks in a week and half :) You wont hear one of them untill my Full album is released tho. Hopefully I'll be singed by then. Any stay tuned! It's about to get awesome.

Currently looking for Artists wanting to collaborate on a Progressive House or Trance song

Posted by aliaspharow - August 11th, 2012

Hey newgrounders! I'm planning to expand my common song genre to Drum & Bass. Since I don't have that much experience in the genre, I would love to learn from someone who does! At the same time, I think you guys will find that there is allot to be learned from me! If you are interested, send me a message or comment on this post. There are no qualifications. Honestly, I might accept even if you don't have experience in the genre.
anyhow, here's the song I've already started. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/14342761/reese.mp3

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Posted by aliaspharow - March 1st, 2012

Hey guys! I'm changing my artist name to ForeSpace. It's not up for discussion. I've been planning to change my artist name for about a year and a half now and have never really gotten around to it so here it is now. The sound will not change, although im probably going to try to learn how to make some more powerfull basses and use that in my tracks, but they will always have that true proghouse sound. I got a new Facebook Page and Youtube Channel so be sure to check that out below!!

I got a Collaboration with MrFijiWiji in the mix! It's going to be a legendary mix so be sure to look out for that.

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Posted by aliaspharow - September 14th, 2011

Otherwise known as a Gift

I got some sick Trance and Electro tracks coming up in the next weeks. So make sure to stay up to date!

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Posted by aliaspharow - September 9th, 2011

Looking for some Inspirational music and such. Going through my first writers block in a while... :3 so hit me up with some good Trance/House/Electro or even some refreshing atmospheric stuff! Show me what you got!

Also check out this song I have kept hidden from you guys :3
http://soundcloud.com/im-batman-record s/icarus-simon-cameron

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Posted by aliaspharow - August 18th, 2011

1.) Highpass the hats and snares to make it sound more like controled Noize.
2.) clone Hats and reverb to the max. Automate the volume (ex.: Sidechaining)
3.) Reverb on All instruments(Except Drums) (Highpassing the reverb makes it easier to master)
4.) HIGHPASS is your Friend.
5.)LFO that Pad Pitch Slowly! (makes music sound wavy (lol))
6.) Structure is key
7.) Flang thoes Leads!!! (in between 2 reverb vsts)
8.) Keep that sidechain Tight to keep it in beat.
9.) A sick Offbeat Lead always helps
10.) Discover Sylenth 1...

Like this!

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Posted by aliaspharow - August 5th, 2011

It begins again! This time its gonna be a tough start against Birdinator99. Freaking Lounge god! Anyhow my submition is an experimental track (Ambient House) with a hint of Echospace! My longest track ever at 8:54 and definitly one of my best. Lets just see how this turns out!

Posted by aliaspharow - October 25th, 2010

I got a new mix finished. It's positively delecious! You can go check out the teaser if you intereted (its in ma audio submitions) Or you could just wait for the full mix once i release my album... Or both! HA! But yeah in my opinion it is one of if not the best mix i have ever done. wich i actually hard to beat.

In other news, I have become extremely active with 5 Line Records these days (ma family!). And yes, i am a singed artist now (yay). But something that is probably less "yay" for you guys is that i will be submitting less and less to newgrounds since i am totaly broke and will need to make money to atleast buy a pair of half decent headphones... or probably speakers... ya know... to make more professional sounding CLUB music. Yes thats right, im going commercial on yo asses. But yeah... I'm working my ass really hard in learning allot on how to master drums and making my own leads and basses. So i think i can say that ive officialy gone pro. Look forward to some real sexy mixes in my premier album.

I am still gonna submit a full song version of "You're on Hold" lol... cause its epic.

Edit: yeah well... i just could stand by and see only myself benefit from my epic track. so i submitted it... oh well

Posted by aliaspharow - September 26th, 2010

I love Klondike bars.
wha' cha gonna do about it?

Posted by aliaspharow - August 4th, 2010

Yeah well its been a real while since i updated my news post so i might as well announce something.

You guys may or may not of noticed, but my music has gotten way better during the last couple of weeks. I guess thats really thanks to all the talented artists on Newgrounds like Mrmilkcarton, TotalHarmonicControle, xKore, Gravey, TranceCrafter, F-777, etc. whos music i had been listening ALLOT during my two month break and who have tought me allot about the art of trance music and how its sound is really produced... well actually i think i have mostly THC to thank for that because he is the one who has been giving me all the tips despite the fact that he only has Drum and Bass on his Newgrounds account. That is also why my style has almost completely change since my long awaited comeback. My shift to more trance like sound is mostly because i want to start selling my music in the future and since i pretty much like every genre of music the same i thought i would of gone to something more popular. Well im glad to say that i have very succesfully acheived my goal.

Genre of music i will also be attempting to master in the futur (will probably be in the following order as well):
-Drum and Bass
-Classical (soundtrack)
-Dubstep (havnt really tried yet)

In other news
For all your flash or movie producers out there, I LOVE it when you ask me to make song for any kind of use so PLEASE PM me or you can email me at aliaspharow@hotmail.com.


Oh yeah and one last thing. Guys, can you just vote on my songs? i am forced to vote on my own songs because sometimes my songs go for months before getting anything other then bombs.