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Somewhere In My Memory Cover Somewhere In My Memory Cover

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol what a sweet newgrounds Christmas carol! Love the mix of dubstep drums, epic guitar riffs, Hania's awesome vocals as always! I'm sure this would really get stuck in my head after a few more listens lol. You got quite some composition skills Bafana! I'll be sure to stay tuned

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Bounce House Bounce House

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

siiick groove! Love the melodies in this! would love if you spent more time trying to master your transitions and adding some automations on cutoff for example. keep it up mang!

[DnB] For the Record [DnB] For the Record

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sweet track for a first try! I actually really enjoy your melodic work! although i think this may be more break beat then DnB. you got some really nice lead work in this for sure!
Keep it up mate! can't wait to hear some more of your stuff.

egaSyeliR responds:

thanks! :3

Calygon Calygon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very well done! If you know my music then you know im a reverb slut and you take complete advantage of it in all the right ways. When you bring in the main melody around 0:50 that sounds so amazing, thoes supplementary synths really add to the melody as well which i dont hear a lot of people getting right on here. You are the epidemi of potential on this site at the moment. in a some years time i garantee you that you will surpass even me. just remember not to let any style define you. follow your true musical ideas. it will never hurt, and even can greatly help at times, to be influence by other people's styles and ideas but one can only achieve musical nirvana by following their true dream of what music can be.

keep doing what you're doing because i love it.

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1f1n1ty responds:

Hey! aliaspharow

First off, thanks a ton for reviewing! It seems the R4R thread has been pretty dead recently, so I've had no luck over there :/

Yeah, the return of the main riff at 1:08 is my favorite part of the whole thing. Before that section existed, this was a couple month old dead project (what killed it? an inability to pick a good sound for the main melody at 0:50), but once I added it in, the revival process took shape. And now, I have a finished product, my first original track in months.

"not to let any style define you" Got it. I'll try my best! Thanks for your support! :D

The Prophet *WiP4.8* The Prophet *WiP4.8*

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ooo the pad work ;) god knows you know how to uplift, great way to start an intro for sure.
The build starts and i can never prepare myself for your drops, especially not nowadays.
the build hits and "HOOOOLLLY FUCK NOW IM DANCIN'"
in your words im sure you'd say "Not bad for a bedroom producer" Hopefully one day you'll wake up and smell the roses ^^

2016 the year of the Chain

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5-Hour Energy 5-Hour Energy

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Right off the bat i actually really like your percussive intro although i think it drops in the instuments a bit suddenly. I try to do everything in 4 bar increments when it comes to a build like this and filter automatons are definitely your friend in this situation. All in all your structure is very unorthodox to say the least. I would certainly work a lot more on your progression. Although it probably doesn't sound like very good advice coming from an artist, try to study how other people approach their builds in the specific genre you're trying to work and break it down into sections, see what works well and try to include different sections like "Bridges" and "breakdowns" atleast once a track. Of course this is all a matter of opinion though. The melodies in this track were nice but seemed kind of bland by the time you got to the end. That being said I actually really enjoyed the section at 1:30, sounded quite experimental which i liked.

Overall pretty solid track, would work on structure and transitions most of all.


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Okaayy! Gonna try to keep this review as structured as possible. Straight out of the bat I will say this:

Here's another amazing song! Greatly produced with all the right attention in all the right places. It seems even with a short amount of time you are able to put a great amount of work into your tracks! Catchy melodies that will certainly stay in your head if you listen enough time accompanied by a very tasteful selection of instruments give this track all the right vibes in all the right places. That being said some abrupt transitions do seem to bring me out of the atmosphere at times.

Intro: Although I will be the first to admit that I use this technique far more often then I should, On the grand scale of things I think the little fade in is pretty abrupt and I would of enjoyed atleast a couple bars of build, but thats just me. Right off the bat you have some great melodies and some carefuly chosen chords that I really love! Idk if thoes voices are synth made but they actually sound really well transposed the way you have them and that funky guitar really kicks out the song with a dope vibe. You sure know you're sampling! One thing that does catch me is the end of the chord progression, a couple of the chords around 0:19-0:20 didn't seem to totally fit in, but that's just an opinion and I do myself often find it difficult to finish a chord progression in a way that makes it fluid to loop again. 0:24 that lead got me hook, great sound, great melody, definitely what this track needed to get the listeners attention. Been trying to do a lot of leads like this lately but you've pulled it out flawlessly

Breakdown: Really changed the vibe coming into this one! Wish you would of used some filters leading up to it as it was kind of out of the blue, but that's just how I do things. This part is well mastered and has a surprising amount of things going on if you actually take the time to notice it all. Not sure if I'm a huge fan of some of the transposed samples (feeling kind of hypocrite-y since i did something similar in mine lol) but the rest of the melody work in this section makes up for it in my opinion... a great deal of this section comes down to opinion honestly, when it comes down to it, I believe breakdowns are a section where artists can really try to deviate from the general flow and you've really got some signature stuff in here which i can definitively respect. Again with that small vibrato lead that refuses to repeat itself xD <3.

Buildup: By far my favorite part of the song. The ad-normal beat in parts is stellar, showing off your percussion work and the amazing synth work in this song! Very professional indeed! Not much to say in this section as I don't think you could improve in this part besides adding reverb! (I'm a reverb addict, can you tell?) Dope as hell and comes right back in to the chorus strong as hell.

Outro: See part one as allot of it is the same, and that is perfectly acceptable for the first few bars and you expanded the melodies and the lead(s?) in the part that i absolutely loved. The fade out was also very appropriate given the abrupt entrance... kind of Madeon-y? anyway, dug it.

Overall: Epic ass song with few things to complain about even after my 40-ishth listen. This is my top pic so far for this round of NGADM.

Possible improvements: (I actually had to re-read at this point because that's how forgettable the cons are to this track are.) More fluid transitions maybe? a truelly progressive intro? Longer plz? Build up before the breakdown(am I the only one who does dis)? Yeah that's about it Bravo!

my score: 9.5/10

My condolences for my previous mistake on the forum.
Reviewing the 10 previous submissions as promised.

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midimachine responds:

thanks for the awesome review! you da man.

[Tsets] - Piano Bliss [Tsets] - Piano Bliss

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really dug the vibe in this song! That spacey room reverb in the beginning is actually something I've tried to replicate a few times but haven't found out how to do, usually out of lack of effort lol. The whole vibe in this song reminds me of some of my earlier work. I actually really enjoyed the build up until about 1:30 where it kind of plateaued in my opinion. If i were you i would of done away with the arp earlier or possibly layer it or layer the piano, I think that would of improved the mix a little bit. Another thing is that both the kick and bass didn't seem very bassy or powerful, something that I suggest you take a second look at.

I'm a huge fan of the slowed down part you have at around 2:20. I wish you would of kept the song going with that by adding a more down-tempo beat to it instead of using the same drums. I use the half time drum technique to make a lot of my sections seem slower, you should try looking into it!

Overall I think you have some excellent elements in your music and I do see a lot of potential, just try to work a bit more on your structure while Ideally keeping a good amount of variety in your songs to help progress it better. Keep it up man! :)

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TsetsukenMusic responds:

There's actually a few things happening in the beginning to make it have the spacey reverb, PM me if you want to hear more about that and I'll be glad to tell you how I was able to make that sound - or at least what I used for it, FL Studio as my DAW so depending on that. I understand what you saying with maybe rearranging or add a layer to that part. I think tbh the bass problem might actually be an effect I have over it and didn't catch it but I see what you mean, easy fix.

You have a very good point, I love listening to down-tempo and can see more potential to go that direction. That's actually a very good idea, what I might do is keep this one as is, and do a v2 in another upload for a change like that - at least the way I am envisioning. I'll look into that thank you!

That was honestly the best review I've had of any of my songs, very helpful and a lot of detail, even providing a possible tool I might end up using in the future, thank you!

No Air No Air

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love the relaxing vibe this is sending, the 8 bit sounds are surprisingly welcome and fit actually really well in this! Plus you really got me with that piano xD The different sections gave a good amount of variety too! Really quite up my alley. You had my attention, but now you have my respect ;)

Good job man! Keep it up

Innocence (Madeon Cover) Innocence (Madeon Cover)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I was super impressed by this. You're a fantastic singer and everything just fits together so well. I can tell this is professionally mixed, although the lack of mids/highs for a great portion of the drop kinda bummed me out, an extra instrument during the drop would of been nice but that's just my opinion. Following you on facebook and youtube now ^^ wish you were in newyork cause i've been in need of a go to studio for vocal recording, but in the meanwhile I'd love to possibly hire you for some small stuff in the future? message me if you're interested.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Hey thanks so much I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the kind words!

I'm a recording engineer and producer as a day job so that probably helps, I'm glad you liked the mix, though this was never mastered, I probably could fix the upper highs in the drop there tbh.

I tried to stay true to the original but if this were an original I would definitely take your advice on adding something more to the drop.

I'd definitely be down to do some work, you could always just send me stems and stuff if you like, I'll pm you! :D